Plextone EX1 Pro Fan Cooler Semiconductor Magnetic Radiator with RGB Funcooler

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  • Overclocking cooling, cool experience,
  • Upgrade accessories with new technology, layer-by-layer combination, multi-channel to create a heat dissipation system, and quickly solve problems such as freezes and delays caused by hot mobile phones
  • No-load test, straight down to freezing point
  • In an environment with a room temperature of 23 degrees, win chicken dinner with full high-definition picture quality and special effects. After a long period of testing, it can ensure smooth operation and no frame dropLow noise, especially for late night players
  • The 7-blade fan is used, and the whole process is soft and quiet, without affecting the voice of the team.40*40mm larger cooling area,
  • With a larger cooling area of 40*40mm,the phone/tablet cools down faster
  • Gaming RGB lighting effect, the atmosphere is instantly full
  • Two forms of lighting effect adjustment, full of cool and futuristic sense, theE-sports atmosphere is instantly full
  • Two gear adjustment
  • It needs to be equipped with a fast charger above 20W,the first gear is uniform coolingThe second gear is over frequency cooling; it can achieve rapid cooling, and it can reachThe freezing point under no-
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PLEXTONE EX1Pro Mobile Phone Magnetic Heat Sink

Product Name: Semiconductor magnetic suction heat sink
Product Model: EX1 Pro
Whole power: ≤ 15W
Interface type: TYPE-C
Charging cable length: 1 m (USB port)
Accessories: EX1 Pro heat sink, cell phone back clip, USB charging cable, magnetic suction piece, transparent anti-scratch film

>No-load test, straight down to freezing point
Room temperature 20 degrees to ensure smooth operation, no frame drops, no dark screen, no broken touch
>Upgrade to overclocked cooling
>Larger cooling area
With a larger cooling area of 40 * 40mm, the phone / tablet cooling faster.
>Magnetic suction design

Note: water droplets generated during the use of the heat sink, is a normal cooling physical phenomenon, will not cause damage to the phone

Tech Specs

Key functions:
On/Off key Press once to “power on”, long press for 5 seconds to “power off”
Speed key Press once a gear “uniform cooling”; then press once a second gear “over-frequency cooling”
Light key Press once to “rotate light”; press again to “breathe light”; press again to “dark shadow light”

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PLEXTONE has become synonymous with lightweight and endurance gaming gear. material and structure technology is critical to producing the best products, PLEXTONE works with the world’s leading Material suppliers for our G series and the world’s leading structural development lab for our cavity design. These technologies engineer new cutting edge materials that push the boundaries of what is possible with gaming earphone, gear and accessories in order to create the lightest, toughest and most functional products available on the market.
Maintain direct contact with 500 professional gamer under 25 years of age in the world is critical in the development of our Lightweight gaming gear designs ensuring PLEXTONE product is fit for purpose. They are our reason to be, and critical within our design processes. From the The daily training of the game team to the journey,In the health range, you can use it for a long time, or you can cram it into any corner without fear of damage, this is one of the main areas where we believe Lightweight and endurance is being tested to the absolute limit and where PLEXTONE products thrive.

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