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VGA Monitor Y Splitter, 1 Foot


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VGA MIRROR CABLE sends an identical VGA signal to two separate VGA displays; Reliably transmits an identical signal to two separate monitors; VGA cables (sold separately) are required
DUPLICATOR VGA Y-SPLITTER CABLE has a male connector that plugs directly into a computer; Two female VGA sockets on the cable connect to the VGA cables of two separate displays
VIDEO RESOLUTION SUPPORT for 800×600 (SVGA), 1024×768 (XGA), 1600×1200 (UXGA), and 1080p for high resolution LCD and LED monitors; Audio must be transmitted separately
STURDY CONSTRUCTION of VGA mirroring cable supports the weight of 2 VGA cables; Engineered for frequent use and long life and backed by a lifetime warranty
UNIVERSAL VGA COMPATIBILITY with computers and displays; Also known as RGB, DB-15, DE-15, HD-15, HDB-15 or D-sub 15

Dual Output Displays
The Cable Matters VGA Monitor Y-Splitter Cable is a great solution for duplicating images from a computer to two identical screens. Applications include security monitors, conference room presentations, or video in a house or worship.
Important Notes
– Computer and both displays must use a common resolution
– Splitting of the VGA signal can degrade the video appearance
– Passive cable only duplicates (does not extend) the PC screen to a monitor
– VGA cables (sold separately) are required
– Audio is not supported over VGA, it must be transmitted separately
– Host Connector: VGA Male
– Display Connectors: 2 x VGA Female