UGREEN Video Capture Card 4K HDMI to USB-A/USB-C HDMI Capture Card Full HD 1080P USB 2.0 Capture Video and Audio Recording for Gaming, Streaming, Teaching, Video Conference


  • 4K Full HD Video Capture Card: UGREEN HDMI Capture Card supports input max resolution up to 4K@60Hz, output max resolution up to 1080P@30Hz, and is based on the USB 2.0 high-speed transmission port. This product is connected to audio and video signal sources, such as cameras, and camcorders through the HDMI interface, and transmits it to a device with a USB or type C interface for the recording. Great for you to record videos & audio clearly at any time for storage to view in the future.
  • Dual Interface Apply to both Phone and Computer: With USB-A & USB-C dual interface design, this capture card for streaming can compatible with most current laptops, tablets, mobile phones, cameras, webcams and other devices. No need to carry adapters with different interfaces, compact and portable.
  • Plug and Play, Driver-free: No driver required and no external power supply, just connect and start high-definition reproduction of videos. Aluminum-alloy shell, make sure a longer use life. This 4k capture card weighs only 19.9g, making it light and portable.
  • HDMI Low Latency Screen Share: With Smart Chip, this HDMI video capture transmission rate is up to 480Mbps, low latency, and no caton. Real-time recording and collection of important meetings or courses for easy review. The latest design of the 4K capture card allows you to enjoy ultra-low latency during live gaming or video recording, avoiding freezing and blue screens.
  • Wide Compatibility: This HDMI capture card can be working on several operating systems: compatible with Windows 8.1/10, Linux, and Android. The USB capture card is very suitable for live streaming, recording, editing, and transferring video in high resolution on OBS, XSplit, Potplayer, QuickTime Player, and more. NOTE: It does not support the iOS system. This product does not support capture and recording if the signal source is HDCP encryption protocol.
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UGREEN video capture card is connected to the input device through the HDMI port, and transmitted to the output device with the USB-A/Type-C interface for living broadcast and capturing. It is widely used in HD acquisition, teaching recording, live streaming, medical imaging, online meetings, etc.

capture card for streaming

Portable & Durable

Take it anywhere, use it anytime, and don’t worry about the trouble of connecting different port devices.

4K capture card

No Driver Required, Plug and Play

No other files or software are needed, then it can start and run on the video software immediately.

Why can’t the capture card software capture the picture and display color bars?

Follow the steps below to exclude:

1) Check the abnormality of the signal source end and try to directly connect the signal source and display device without using this item.

2) Turn on the computer’s camera function and select the device with the name “USB Video” when adding a camera. If it can be displayed normally, it means that this product is normal.

3) Check whether the acquisition software settings are normal, and reopen the software to try.

4) Please use popular software such as OBS and Potplayer to see if it is normal and check the software compatibility.

usb capture card
hdmi video capture card

Important Note

1. It does NOT support IOS mobile phones or tablets, because there is no corresponding acquisition software. Also Does Not support the use of devices with HDCP signals, such as DVD.

2. When the computer prompts “The video format is abnormal, please press the reset button”, you need to poke the reset hole on the product with a hard object, and the screen will display normally.

3. The item supports the use of multiple devices on the same computer simultaneously, but the smoothness depends on the computer’s performance, and there may be a carton.

4. There is no requirement for video capture software, commonly used OBS Studio, XSplit, Potplayer, QuickTimePlayer, and other software can be used.

5. PS4 and PS5 support this capture card when HDCP is turned off.


Input Port: HDMI (4K@60Hz); Output Port: USB-A / Type-C (1080P@30Hz)

Shell Material: Aluminum Alloy

Package Size: 85mm * 145mm * 17mm; Product Weight: 47g

Packing: Video Capture Card*1, User Manual*1


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