UGREEN Usb external stereo sound adapter

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*Input: USB 2.0 A Male
*Output 1: 3.5mm Green port for earphone
*Output 2:3.5mm Red port for microphone
*Output 3: 3.5mm CTIA 4-pin combo mic/headphone
*Sampling rate :48KHz, 16 bit
*Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
*With function of disabling headphone and Mic and
volume control




External volume control, free to adjust volume according to your habit.

Unique mute-switch design, independent earphone/mic, mute button, store whenever you want.

With OTG cable, you could sing your love by connecting microphone.

Support two headsets using at the same time, share the good times with your friend.

Perfect sound effect, introducing smart noise-reduction chip of SSS1629 that makes high performance.

LED indicator light makes clear of real-time working status.

Universal compatibility,free drive for Windows/Mac OS/Linux system.


Cable length: 15 cm

Color: Black

Input: USB

Output: 1 3.5mm audio port, 1 mic port, 1 port 3.5 4 steps (mic & headphone)

Chip: SSS1629

Sample Rate: 48KHz

Material: PVC + ABS

150 g

10 x 4 x 2 cm


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