Toshiba P300 Internal Desktop/Surveillance Hard Disk HDD

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Toshiba storage solutions – the 3.5-inch p300 desktop pc hard drive delivers a high performance for professionals. with its dual-stage actuator, you can count on smooth, responsive computing. what’s more, your data and media is secured with a ramp loading design, as well as a shock sensor. the p300 is available in capacities up to 6 tb.

Use for:
– Powerful desktop workstations
– All-in-one PCs
– Desktop PCs
– External enclosures
– Gaming computers

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Powerful storage:
– The P300 is ideal for graphic designers and creative professionals looking for a powerful performance. Available in storage capacities of up to 6 TB, with fast read and write speeds and a secure design.

Performance alongside reliability:
– The P300’s dual-stage actuator, available in the 2 TB to 6 TB models, improves positional accuracy, negating the effects on head-track alignment that vibrations can cause. This design makes for more precise, faster read and write speeds, and instant access to your data.

Enhanced access performance:
– The data read/write access sequence performance is further enhanced through innovative techniques to minimize head movement and disk revolutions. Optimized data access sequence helps improve performance and minimize mechanical workload from the drive.

Keep data secure:
– The P300’s design includes an internal shock sensor, ensuring no data is lost. In addition, ramp loading technology means that when your hard drive or desktop PC are being transported, the drive slider does not make contact with the disk and risk wearing or data loss.

Built to deliver, designed to last:
– Toshiba is renowned the world over for 50 years of leading innovation – and the power behind its range of hard drives is no exception. Designed for high capacity and excellent performance, you can be sure that Toshiba’s wealth of experience in hard drives is at work in your storage system.


– Form factor: 3.5-inch
– Interface: SATA 6.0 Gbit/s)
– Advanced Format (AF): Yes
– RoHS compatible: Yes
– Halogen Free: Yes
– Shock Sensor: Yes

– Rotational speed: 5,400 rpm (2 TB – 6 TB SMR)
– 7,200 rpm (500 GB – 3 TB CMR)
– Buffer size: 128 MB (2 TB – 6 TB SMR),
– 64 MB (500 GB – 3 TB CMR)
– Native Command Queing (NCQ): supported

– Unrecoverable error rate: 1 per 10E14 bits read
– Load / Unload Cycle: 600.000 (2TB – 6 TB SMR),
– 300.000 (500 GB – 3 TB CMR)

Power Management:
– Supply voltage: 5VDC (±5%) / 12VDC (±10%)

Consumption – Read/Write:
– 4.46 W typ. (6 TB),
– 4.11 W typ. (4 TB),
– 4.14 W typ. (2 TB SMR),
– 5.80 W typ. (2 TB CMR),
– 6.40 W typ. (500 GB, 1 TB, 3 TB)

Consumption – Low Power Idle:
– 2.68 W typ. (6 TB),
– 2.32 W typ. (4 TB),
– 5.20 W typ. (3 TB),
– 2.11 W typ. (2 TB SMR),
– 4.40 W typ. (2 TB CMR),
– 3.70 W typ. … Read more

Toshiba P300 6TB Hard Disk HDD is a product that corresponds to the Hdd hard disks category within Components selection at your electronics and computers store.  What are the advantages of Toshiba P300 6TB Hard Disk HDD? This product is designed specifically to provide good support and entirely based on our passion for electronics and computers.

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