Solar Powered 20 LED Bright Motion Sensor Light


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Solar Powered LED Wall Light motion-activated adds safety to your home. As seen on TV it illuminates your home’s exterior.
Features a built-in solar panel that charges automatically and never need batteries. Best part is there’s no wiring needed, just peel and stick this compact and ultra bright light in seconds.
The motion sensor detects movement up to 10 to 15 feet away and automatically illuminates whenever someone approaches.
It’s perfect for garage doors, stairways, patios and pathways. It boasts durable, waterproof construction as well as easy installation and the convenience of solar power.
Solar Panel : 0.55W. 17% efficiency
Li-ion Battery : 3.7V 800mAh
LED Power : 0.2W/PC x 20PCS
Night Sensor : <10Lux
Motion Angle Ang Distance : 120* , 5m
Delay Time : 10s
Switch : OFF/Auto
Size : 107 x 53 x 142mm


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