Smart Swab




The easy way to clean your ears. You need to clean your ears. When too much wax builds up, it can impair hearing or cause an infection. Smart Swab is the safe, comfortable way to remove ear wax. Using this ear swab is easy. Simply insert it your ear, gently twist, then remove ear wax. Typical cotton swabs can go too far into the ear canal and cause pain. Cotton swabs are not meant to go inside the ear canal. It says so on the box! Smart Swab safely removes ear wax buildup with the soft, spiral-grooved head. It was designed to go the perfect distance in the outer ear canal. Smart Swab extracts wax without injuring your ear. The disposable touch-free replacement tips make discarding used tips simple.

What’s in the package?

Smart Swab handle
16 disposable tips
Storage case


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