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Remax RX-L02 Wired Earphone With Type-C Jack


– Brand: Remax
– Model: RX-L02
– Color: White
– Drive Unit: 14mm
– Cable Length: 1200mm
– Connector: Type-C

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Remax RX-L02 Wired Earphone With Type-C Jack


Despite the simple classic design, the Type C RX-L02 headset contains a lot of interesting things that you don’t know. The design of the RX-L02 is very compact, its size is not too big and light weight which makes it easy to fold and carry it everywhere without difficulty. In addition, the headset also integrates the microphone between the volume control button to help you listen to handsfree anytime, anywhere.The RX-L02 is equipped with Type-C USB (the latest USB standard 3.1). USB-C audio connection is the perfect choice for the defects left by the 3.5mm jack. On the market today, the Type c Headset RW-L02 is a rare headphone product using USB Type C. The new Type C plug is made from an antioxidant material, so that the pins are not only durable but also extend the life of the headset.

Package Included:

1 x Remax RX- L02

Package Dimensions:

(L x W x H): 5 x 5 x 4 cm