Rechargeable Electric Fly Swatter Insect Killer Mosquito Bat

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Pest Type: Mosquitoes Pest Control
Feature: Eco-Friendly



Premium Branded Quality

Brand : Electromax/Sikko

Pest Type: Mosquitoes/Fly  Pest Control

Product: Rechargeable Mosquito killer racket
Bat Type: Large three layers
Battery: 4V400mA

Size: 58*23*4cm
Weight: 330g
Packing: 1 Piece / PVC

Product features:
1. To kill insect, like mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, etc.
2. To absorb the pests without dropping and breaking, by the high-Voltage static generated between the two nets.
3. To produce ozone and negative oxygen ions by the working electric nets.

Product design:
The inspiration of this design is from the form of water drop, in order to highlight the Green and Environmental Protection theme and stress the
differences on environmental protection between high pressure mosquito eradication and traditional pharmaceutical chemistry mosquito eradication.
On the premise of the smooth overall shape, the handle section is designed as octagon in order to prevent the swatter longitudinally slipping out. The charging plug plane can keep the charging plug 6.5 mm distance away which has improved its security. Concise overall design and without neglecting the details.

Friendly remind:
Dangerous voltage
1, Put away from children, pregnant women, and the old.
2, Put away the combustible gas, gas, inflammable, explosive or dangerous chemical environment.
3, Don’t touch both of the grids when the bat is working.

4, This product is only suitable for indoor use, except the barn, livestock warehouse and other similar places.


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