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Product details of Promate Porpods earpods

  • •Stunning True Wireless Earbuds with Total Freedom
  • •Highly Effective Active Noise Cancellation
  • •High Definition Noise Reduction Microphone
  • •Efficient Operations with IntelliTouch Control
  • •Longer Usage with Impressive 25 Hours Playtime
  • •Transparency Mode to Enhance Environment Noise
  • •Compact and Portable Design Ideal for Travel
  • •Brilliant Connectivity with Bluetooth v5.3
  • •Comfort-Fit Design for Long Time Use
  • •LED Display to Indicate Battery Status
  • •Broad Compatibility
  • Stunning True Wireless Earbuds with Total Freedom:
    The latest True Wireless Technology (TWS) earbuds offer a more stable transmission, surround sound quality, and faster-pairing speed that is completely wireless. So set yourself free from the hassle of tangled cords with the Promate ProPods, bringing exceptional transmission speed without signal loss.

    Highly Effective Active Noise Cancellation:
    The Promate ProPods is the perfect device if you’re looking for active noise cancellation. Equipped with a highly effective ANC system that blocks out background noise this earphone does a great job in reducing environmental noise.

    High Definition Noise Reduction Microphone:
    With a built-in high-quality mic in both earbuds and environmental noise reduction technology, ProPods provides crystal clear conversations. It cancels the unwanted noise through the build quality of the earphone. Tune out the noises and tune in outside voices.

    Efficient Operations with IntelliTouch Control:
    Effortlessly manage audio playback and calls with the multi-function touch sensors on each earbud. The ProPods EarPods with sensitive touch sensors allow you to easily manage music and calls without having to constantly use your phone.

    Longer Usage with Impressive 25 Hours Playtime:
    The Promate ProPods Wireless earbuds have a playback time of up to 25 hours per charge and a stunning stanby time of 60 hours with a charging case. So let your music play without charging worries for long periods.

    Transparency Mode to Enhance Environment Noise:
    Turn off the ANC support to amplify the environmental noise around you using the touch points on the earbuds. This way you don’t need to remove the earbud while walking on the road or listening to music at work.

    Compact and Portable Design Ideal for Travel:
    When it’s not in use, simply put Promate ProPods into the charging case to restock power for the next set of listening. You can easily carry these pocket-sized earphones in your pocket or bag for everyday use, especially during travel. It also has a loop harness that can be hooked on things.

    Brilliant Connectivity with Bluetooth v5.3:
    Both earbuds will automatically connect with your phone, and earphones will auto-connect with your device after the first pairing. This advanced Bluetooth v5.3 technology also provides faster pairing, a more stable connection, and universal compatibility.

    Comfort-Fit Design for Long Time Use:
    The Promate ProPods is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably, so you can keep them in your ears for as long as you want without them falling off. This added comfort with long battery life means you can listen to music, podcasts, etc. with your EarPods for long durations.

    LED Display to Indicate Battery Status:

    The charging case of the ProPods will show the power status with a digital power display. It will also keep you informed about the battery percentage while charging. This way you can keep your EarPods charged always.

    Broad Compatibility:
    The Promate ProPods is compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices


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