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Premium Fcukin Flava Vape Juice – Genuine




Nicotine level : 3 mg
Capacity: 60ml
Contents : 50pg;50vg

Product Description: –

1) Smashin’ Lemonade
Experience the perfect blend of fresh Lemonade and Tangerine. It will definitely will leave you wanting more. Perfect for your All-Day-Vape. Zingy! A must-try from FF.

2) Strawberry Jello
Improved taste of our sought-after ADV – “Cool Berry”. Unique taste of fresh ripe strawberries with a slight cooling effect and hint of jello on the exhale. Perfect for daily vape.

3) Freezy Mango
A real taste of green mango with a little punch of sweet and sour, plus the cooling effect that will surely keep you floating on cloud 9. One of the kind.

4) Freezy Pineapple
Exotic and juicy taste of real pineapples with a slight cooling effect on the exhale. Perfect for summer vape! One of the most-fav among the Fcukin’ Flava’s fans.

5) Yummay Guava

A sweet, sour and true-to-flavour taste of our juicy effect. Aromatic, delicious, rich and refreshing vape. Parisian favourite!

5) Freezy Grapes
Indulge your taste buds with the wonderful combination of our unique Blackcurrant & Grapes, plus the cooling effect that will surely blow your mind.

6) Frosty Hacks
Frosty Hacks is our solid recreation of the classic cough sweets – HACKS. Fresh, sweet and pleasant unique taste, plus the throat hit! This one is definitely a must-try.

7) Schweet Mango
Experience the Sweetness & Juiciness of the real green mango. Similar taste to our “Freezy Mango’ without the cooling effect.


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