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Plextone Hammerhead G25 Gaming Earphones With Mic In Ear Noise Isolation Headsets Variable Sound Cell For Replace


1 year warranty
1. Bullet-shaped, with an appearance more beautiful.
2. With variable sound cell for replace
3. Locating by the sound detected. Making clear judgment of the direction of the coming sound, and giving an accurate sense of direction
4. Anti-interference microphone, clearer sound for group chatting.
5. Earplug with High-speed springing memory sponge, excellent sound insulation, 8% reduction of noise.
6. 220 cm of Overall wire length, more flexible use.

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1. Patented v9 vocal mouth. The alloy material is short and precise. Help the desired sound quality of the game shine with a very low resonance rate.
Full metal aluminum-magnesium alloy CNC engraving process. Accurately calculated sound flux.
2. Plextone engineers collaborate with 500 young players under the age of 22 to research the most popular FPS and MMBA mobile games, and extract the most needed sound quality bands for promotion and enhancement, showing more immersive game screens. Sound field.
3. Black voice changer: g.un sound enhancer (also suitable for vocal display). Controls the jetted sound flux and passes the W-type patented structure. Accurately improve the range of the medium frequency response of the game at 150-300Hz.
4. Red voice changer: footstep enhancer (also suitable for bass display). Double boosts the sound flux through the S-type Gulfstream patented structure. Greatly improve the footsteps of the game with a medium frequency response range of 50-150Hz.
5. The unilateral only 3.9g exquisite , for professional players to do lightweight weight loss! Each is derived from the double-head CNC engraving machine, and the dynamic error of the stepping motor reaches the limit level of ±10.
6. Anti-interference microphone, the line controller supports multi-level tuning. Purchase strong anti-back type condenser microphone pickups, eat chicken game group chat, teammates can clearly hear your call.
7. Anti-pulling L-shaped bending insert, the mobile game is very durable! The 15000+ bending life is 4 times longer than the original cable and plug.
8. In-ear design; includes 3 sets of black ear cap gel (large/medium/small) and clips.

Impedance: 16+10%Ω
Max Input Power: 10mW
Frequency Response: 20-20000Hz
Distortion: <0.1% Interface: 3.5mm, L-type Cable Length: 120cm Weight: 10g/0.35oz Speaker Diameter: 9.2mm 英文包装表 G25 Game Earphone *1 3.5mm Y-converter cable 15cm *1 90cm Audio Extended cable *1 user guide (six language) *1 silica gel ear cap (L) *2 silica gel ear cap (S) *2 Gaming Tuner Gadget(Red)*2 Line clip *1 Bundle button *1