Multifunction Dolphin Massager – Massage Machine


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Multifunctional massager, massage stick dolphins massager massage massage machine
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A, the features of the product: dolphins massager has two color to choose
1. Eliminate fatigue caused by the intense movement and muscle relaxation.
2. Eliminate pain caused by the long qi and blood circulation.
3. Eliminate shoulder spasm caused by the neck stiffness of sleep.
4. Eliminate the pain caused by fatigue or rheumatism.
5. Massage head for each part of the whole body massage.
7. To burn fat and partial weight loss.
8, massage head adopts engineering plastics, pat more powerful. (the other three massage head, can undertake choosing according to the needs of the body)
9, strong power, convenient and practical, good massage effect, is anyone happy
Huan good products, especially the ideal gift for the elderly.
10, have massage can adjust the speed, let you enjoy a flexible massage.

Faster speed effective massage stretch tight muscles, massage of slow speed
Help to ease muscle soreness.

Second, the matters needing attention
1. After use, be sure to pull the plug before clean.
2. Shall not be used in damp places.


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