Mini AC Portable Fan


  • Electrical plug:USB 5V and power shifte
  • Parameter:5V / 500mah
  • Power :2.5W
  • Battery: 1.5V, 3 * AA batteries.(Package not include the battery)
  • How to use: Use the 3 * AA Battery Or the USB (Plug and Play)
  • Material: Plastic
  • Using the USB port, Primary Batteries Air portable mini with tray ultra-cool rock help you dispel the heat in this sultry summer.
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This Mini AC Portable Fan is great for refreshment when you’re out such as camping, picnicking and so on. Ideal for cooling. You can add ice or ice water into the storage box to provide freezing air. Input some scents, then it also could make air more fresh.
Mini steam fan, mini steam conditioning, theft USB port, 2-door type wind can blow independent help you adjust the wind direction with wider fan angle, fan larger space than the fan with 1 door wind, compact size, safety for the user. There are ice cold water tank or the bottom.Quiet running smoothly.Source uses 3 AA batteries, or USB cable to connect the phone to a computer or DC5V power supply consumes less power & outdoor use, convenience when traveling, picnic.You can add ice or ice storage box, creating cold air conditioning was not as dry skin, also can put the tray pomades help create a relaxing space, comfort in the room.
It is perfect for car, students’ dormitory, office, travel and so on90 degree vertical airflow control. Flat bottom surfaces allows easy transformation from a hand held fan to a desk fan. Mini AC Portable Fan is Portable and convenient when you have a trip.


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