Manual Knife Sharpener


Professional, 2-Stages for sharpening and honing/polishing for a razor sharp, durable, arch-shaped edge for 20 degree class knives
100% diamond abrasives in Stages 1 and 2
sharpening technology for an extremely sharp edge with lots of “bite”
For sharpening straight edge and serrated knives, kitchen and household knives, pocket knives and sports knives
Precise bevel angle control for a 20 degree edge
“Soft Touch” handle for an easy and secure grip

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Easy to use, quiet and extremely fast, the new Manual Diamond Hone® Sharpener 464 will put an extremely sharp edge with lots of “bite” on straight edge and serrated knives.

Providing an edge that you can rely on, the  is fast!  It puts a razor sharp, long-lasting edge with a “bite” on the knife’s edge that grips food and slices smoothly through both fibrous and non-fibrous foods.

Using the  perfected  technology, this two-stage sharpener features 100% diamond abrasives and precise bevel angle control for a 20 degree edge. The applies an extremely sharp double-bevel edge with microscopic “teeth” along the cutting edge. These tiny teeth provide the “bite” on the edge and work to engage and stabilize the food for effortless cutting.

Technology:  The  sharpening technology uses diamond abrasive wheels that simultaneously sharpen into and out of the knife’s edge on each side of the blade for a superior, burr-free razor sharp edge with a durable arch-shaped finish. On opposite sides of the edge, the sharpening lines combine to form the crisscross pattern that shapes the microscopic teeth. Stage one sharpens the edge and sets the initial bevel using larger diamonds. Stage two, featuring micron-sized diamonds completes the second bevel and delivers an ultrasharp, long lasting arch shaped edge. Stage two is also designed to resharpen serrated knives.

Diamond Abrasives:  The  incorporates signature diamond abrasives. Diamonds are preferred for their superior characteristics over other sharpening materials. Diamond abrasive wheels

will hold their shape indefinitely (unlike ceramic wheels which lose shape over time) and can sharpen any alloy. Diamonds are also the most durable abrasive and will last and last.  diamond abrasives will not load up and there is no messy water or oils needed for sharpening.

This features a “Soft Touch” ergonomic handle for an easy, secure grip and rubber feet for additional stability. Safe for all straight edge and serrated knives, it is small, compact and can be stored in a drawer or a backpack. It is ideal for home and office and outdoor activities.


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