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SL-10 Magnetic Cooler Phone Radiator Mobile phone radiator Magnetic Digital Display Thermostat for the radiator RGB Light Super fast cooling

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Mobile phone radiator Product color : Black Heat dissipation mode: Semiconductor fan Applicable models: 4.5-6 inch mobile phone GET THE LOOK ✨: SL-10 Magnetic Cooler Phone Radiator Mobile Phone Radiator Magnetic Digital Thermostat For The Radiator Semiconductor Phone Cooler PRODUCT PROPERTY: ✨ 1: The certification of our product is ce.Our product is from cn(origin). REASONS TO BUY: ✨ Mobile phone cooler radiator: the mobile phone cooler is suitable for all kinds of smartphones and tablets. it can also be used as a mobile phone cooler, which is very convenient to use. ✨ Easy use: the mobile phone cooler is easy to use, just plug it in and enjoy your favorite music. if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. ✨ Amazing product: this mobile phone cooler is made of high-quality abs material, which is durable and has a long service life. ✨ Compatibility: the mobile phone cooler is compatible with most smartphones, such as ipad, android, macbook air, and other devices. ✨ Compact and lightweight: the mobile phone cooler is small and lightweight, which can be easily placed in a pocket or backpack when not in use. Specifications: 1. Magnetic semiconductor, refrigeration and heat dissipation, specially designed for mobile phone electric competition, refrigeration is faster than refrigerator 2. RGB light adjustment keys, arbitrary 3. RGB lights can turn off the heat dissipation, and at the same time prevent disturbing others to rest 4. Frequency conversion digital display, temperature at a glance 5. Stepless temperature adjustment design, choose the temperature more suitable for the mobile phone at any time, fast cooling, without hurting the machine 6. Mute without shock, listen to sound to distinguish position, original voice Package Included: 1 * Radiator 1 * USB C Cable


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