LDNIO LS-Y02, 3.5mm Aux Audio Silicone Cable, 1 Meter

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LDNIO LS-Y02 3.5mm Aux Audio 1 Meter Silicone Soft Wire Cable
LDNIO LS-Y02 AUX cable – audio cable with 3.5 mm plugs. An easy and inexpensive way to transfer music, audiobooks and podcasts from your smartphone to your car radio

When traveling by car, especially on long journeys with family or friends, music brightens up our pastime, making the journey more fun, more pleasant and shorter. Each participant of the trip, as a rule, has on his smartphone his favorite playlist with musical compositions that he wants to share with everyone. This is how we get to know hitherto unfamiliar tracks and learn something new from the world of music.

But how to play music to friends from a smartphone in the car? After all, there is not always an OTG cable and a flash drive at hand, with the help of which you can “merge” audio files, and also not all audio recorders support a Bluetooth connection. In such a situation, the simplest solution will come to your aid – a reliable and high-quality audio cable LDNIO LS-Y02 AUX cable. With it, you can easily connect your iPhone or any Android smartphone with a 3.5 mm headphone output to the car radio

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