JOYROOM JR-CP006 Solar Fragrance Machine Record Shape Car Metal Aromatherapy Diffuser Perfume Air Freshener


Product brand:Joyroom Product model:JR-CP006 Product name: Solar Fragrance Machine Product material:Metal + Plastic Product size:83.5*45*43mm Essential oil fragrance:Natural Ocean Essential oil specifications:10ml Main ingredients:French perfume Fragrance storage time:≈30 days

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  • Efficient deodorization, powerful deodorization, fresh air, easy decomposition of odors, and rapid removal of odors in the car.
  • Retro unique aromatherapy ornaments, vinyl records are uniquely designed with retro elements to enhance the exquisite decoration of the interior.
  • Solar-driven design principle, rotating and diffused, long-lasting fragrance.
  • Pure essential oils, imported from France, extracting pure plant health essential oil.
  • The size is small and does not occupy space, the paste does not leave traces, and does not harm the car body.

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Instructions: 1.Tear off the bottom protective film and placeitin the center console to stick it tightl; 2.Use an essential oil dropper to take outthe aroma and drip it onto the wooden block; 3.After the essential oil is absorbed,place the turntable on the main body. Solar Fragrance Machine,The trend of personality and retro elegance are integrated,Recording fragrance machine, elegant and noblest Solar Optical Fragrance,Solar drive design principle, rotating fragrance expansion, long-lasting fragrance retention Solar panel power rotation,No need to charge, as long as there is enough sunlight, it can rotate infinitely Pure plant extract imported from France which is more suitable for use lin the car, lastingly remove odor, and make the car fresher zero add, more suitable for pregnant and infant use,The spices are taken from the planting area of the herbs and the high-quality essential oils are extracted from the natural plants by cold pressing and distillation to make special preparations With wooden fragrance, durable and lasting .It is recommended to drop 35-40 drops for the first use.The fragrance will stay for about 30 days;the amount of essential oil dropped again can be used according to personal preference. 1. All of our products are in stock, please feel free to buy. 2. All products of Joyroom have undergone strict quality inspection. Welcome to consult within 15 days after receiving the order. 3. We are overseas sellers, we will ship the goods as soon as we receive the order, and it usually takes 7-12 days to arrive at your hands. 4. If you have any questions about the use of the product, please feel free to contact us. Joyroom is a leading manufacturer and supplier of mobile phone accessories in China for many years, specializing in power bank, cables, charger, earphones&headphones, car holder, phone case, tempered glass, other creative products. Our company occupies more than 1000 square meters and 500 employees, integrated with 11 departments. We carry out a strict production process and QC management. Joyroom makes the choice be simple.

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