IMILAB W11 Smart Watch for Women

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As beautiful as it is functional, the Imilab W11 redefines elegance in a smartwatch. This stylish timepiece features a polished aviation-grade aluminum alloy body and a smart watch dial. Made of aviation-grade alloy, the Imilab W11 smartwatch is fashionable and durable than ever.  No more worries about impact and abrasion. At the same time, the luster of the body will never fade, making your watch always look brand new.

Features of W11 Smart Watch:

  • Fine Selected Materials
  • IML Craft Bottom Case
  • 2.5D Curved Screen
  • Non-slip Comfy Strap
  • Variety of Dials Designed for Different Occasions
  • Message Reminders
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Sleep Monitoring
  • Blood Oxygen Monitoring
  • Female Menstrual Cycle
  • IP68 Waterproof
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Fine Selected materials

Aviation-grade Aluminum Alloy

The body is made of aviation-grade aluminum alloy,  the luster of the body will never fade, making your watch always look brand new.

IML Crafted

IML craft case resists scratches and scrapes The smart watch dial is durable and scratch resistant  

2.5D curved screen

2.5D curved screen Non -slip comfy strap Large selection of dials designed for different occasions

Track Your Menstruation Cycle

Holistic health monitoring

VC32S New Sensor

Multiple exercise modes to activate your inner athlete. Sports data is recorded and multiple sports modes can be selected to help you develop your body and mind.

Measure Your Blood Oxygen Saturation

Excessive physical and mental exercertion can lead to lower oxygen supply to the body and a decrease in blood oxygen levels. When you feel tired at work or at exercise, take a test to avoid the first signs of exhaustion.

Intelligently predict and track female menstrual period, safe period, menstrual period, ovulation period.

  • Built-in optical heart rate sensor
  • Monitor your heart rate changes all day long
  • You can view your heart rate changes at any time
  • Connect to the mobile phone APP
  • Outline the heart rate curve

Various of Functions

IP68 Waterproof

Don’t worry about a splash of water breaking your watch. With a fully sealed structure, it can withstand hand washing and sweat. Remarks: You cannot wear a watch in the bath!

The world is in your hands

Customized dial, freeze the moment of beauty, your world is defined by yourself.

Technical specifications

CPU Realtek 8762C
Heart Rate Sensor VC32S
Resolution 240*240 pixels
Battery Capacity 180mAh
Silicone Material Silicone
Charging Method Magnetic USB Cable
Waterproof IP68
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