UGREEN KVM Switch 2 In 1 Out 4K HDMI Switcher Box And Extended 4 USB Ports Manual Hub Share Box With USB Cables

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  • 2-Port HDMI KVM Switch: The UGREEN KVM switch lets you control 2 computers with just the 4K display and a set of controls (mouse and keyboard). It’s a great expansion for workstations, office, or anywhere between computers.
  • 4-Port USB Hub: This USB HDMI switch box comes with 4 USB ports, allowing you to connect a keyboard and mouse set, along with two high-speed 480Mbps USB 2.0 ports.
  • High Definition Video Output: The HDMI KVM switch supports high definition images and supports a maximum resolution of up to 4K @ 30Hz, compatible with 1080P @ 60Hz. The adapter supports video and audio at the same time.
  • Good compatibility: Windows 10/8/7 / XP / Vista (32/64-bit), Mac, Linux, Sun Solaris, DOS, Win3, WinNT, Netware and Unix. The HDMI USB switch also separately supports HDMI 2-in-1 switch and 4-port USB sharing switch. Can be used with PS4 PlayStation 3, Xbox One, DVD and TV to video switch adapter.
  • Plug and Play: no need for power supply or software. The HDMI KVM switch has a buzzer alert function, and there is a quick tone after each hotkey switch. You can also turn off the beep by pressing the hotkey. To use the keyboard hotkey switch, the keyboard must be connected to the USB 1.1 Type-A ports.
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UGREEN 2 EN 1 OUT USB HDMI KVM Switch 4K@30Hz HDMI Conmutador Box para ordenadores, PS4, Xbox One, proyector, monitor, TV

Effective way to multitask

* UGREEN HDMI USB KVM Switcher allows you to control two computers or game consoles through a single USB keyboard, USB mouse and HDMI monitor. Born to multitask between two PCs, saving work space and costs and increasing the efficiency and productivity of office administration.

* Also, its built-in 2-port USB 2.0 hub allows you to share a printer, scanner, USB data hub, USB card reader, U disk, flash drive, etc. with two HDMI host devices.

Comfortable to wear

* Supports hot plugging or unplugging of devices to the KVM switch at any time and without having to turn off the devices.

* Do not ask for driver installation for all computer systems, such as WIN 10, WIN8, WIN 7, WIN XP, Linux, Mac OS.

* Powered via USB connections, no additional power is needed.

How to switch between two HDMI input devices

Hot tips before using the hotkey To use the keyboard hotkey switch, the keyboard must be connected to the USB 1.1 Type A ports. For the number “0”, “1”, “2”, it is necessary type on the numeric keypad. If the “Scroll Lock” key does not work, you can try the “Ctrl” key instead. The hotkey command operation should complete within 10 seconds. Every time a hotkey command is entered correctly, the switch emits a “drop” to indicate that the entry is correct; if the input does not ring, the hotkey mode is closed.

to. Press the switch button on the KVM box.

b. Use keyboard hotkey: Double click the Ctrl button (or scroll button), then click “1” on the numeric keypad to switch to PC1 or click “2” to PC2.

c. Autoscan switch: Double-click the Ctrl button (or scroll button) and then click “S” to start the autoscan switch mode. Available to press any button to finish it. In addition, you can set automatic switching timers between 10 and 999 s, which is ideal for surveillance.

D. Turn off the message tone: Double click the keyboard “Ctrl” or “Scroll Lock”, then press the “B” key, and finally press the number key “0” to close (press the number key “1” to open).

How to use the USB HDMI KVM Switch

1. Connect HDMI IN1 / 2 and USB IN1 / 2 to PC1 / 2 at the same time;

2. Connect HDMI output to HDMI monitor / TV / display;

3. Connect USB keyboard and mouse to USB 1.1 A ports;

4. Connect printer, U disk or other USB devices to USB 2.0 A ports for faster data exchange;

5. Press the manual switch button to switch between the two computers.

Warm reminder

1) Make sure the HDMI 1 input connector and USB B 1 connector are connected on the same host. HDMI IN1 and USB IN1 correspond. It does not support HDMI IN1 and USB IN2 mixed insert.

2) It only supports resolution up to 4K @ 30Hz, it does not support 4K @ 60Hz. Set the resolution to a compatible one.

3) You must use USB cables to connect the HDMI input devices with the KVM switch’s USB IN ports. Otherwise, the switch may not work normally.

4) To use the keyboard hotkey switch, the keyboard must be connected to the USB 1.1 type A ports.

5) Connect the printer to USB 2.0 Type A ports. And install the printer driver on your computers before use.

6) To protect the USB KVM Switch from overcurrent, overcurrent protection is designed. The maximum current is 1A. Therefore, it is not suggested to use external hard drives with this mixer.

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Cable USB 2.0 tipo B 4.9 ft × 1


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