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Healthcare Rechargeable Heating Pack Electric Hot Water Bag with Belt for Warming Hands and Waist




Multipurpose: use as a warmer for hands, feet, back aches, shoulders, cramps, sore muscle and arthritis, especially for warm waist.

Product Descriptions

1) This is a portable and rechargeable soft warmer that can keep you warm for hours. Soft muff keeps your hands toasty during the cool days or eases arthritic pain in the hands and wrists. Belt enclosure not only holds the heat directly to any body part, but also increases the heat time.

2) Portable and travel friendly, it is convenient to keep hands warm indoor and outdoor.

3) The outer shell is high grade velvet fabric with cotton inside, which feels soft and comfortable.

4) The heating unit is removable, and the belt is washable.

5) The fluid inside is water, without any toxins or chemicals added.

6) Advanced heat transfer technology with overheat protection device, the heating element and electricity are completely separated from water. The heat is distributed evenly throughout the product.

7) Quick charge time, 8-10 minutes. Long hours of operation, 2-8 hours.

8) Dual temperature protection, built-in both temperature controller and thermal fuse, shut off power automatically when the warmer reaches desired temperature.

9) An external switch in the charger, shut off power automatically if the internal pressure of the warmer exceeds the safety limit, preventing the warmer from exploding.

10) The outer layer of the heating unit is fabric composited with PVC liner on the inside, followed by 2 thick and flexible PVC sheets on each side, all 6 layers are machine press and fuse into one permanent pack.

11) LED indicator on the charger shows the charging status.

12) All plastic parts and components are heat resistant and flame retardant.

Product Specifications

1) Voltage: 110V-240V

2) Frequency: 50Hz / 60Hz

3) Power: 420W

4) Water Capacity: 1100ml

5) Temperature: 75°C

6) Charge Time: 8-10 minutes

7) Heat Holding Time: 2-8 hours

8) Size: 270*190*60mm (heating unit)

9) 1600g