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GD Lite Lighting Solar System


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Product details of GD Lite Lighting Solar System (Black)During this time of uncertainty you should always be prepared to whatever might happen So gear up your household with GD Lite Lighting Solar System an illuminating device which can function with the absence of electricity A must-have during blackouts and emergency situations
As aforementioned this device does not depend on electricity to function it makes use of solar energy instead Additional tools aren’t needed to install this just charge it through its solar panels within 13 to 15 hours and you can utilize it for hours Unlike generators this lighting system doesn’t produce sounds and smoke since it doesnt make use of fuel The energy collected is stored in its built-in dry cell battery (6V)
Another thing that makes it environment-friendly is that it makes use of SMD-LED lights that produces bright and energy-efficient lights These flexible SMD-LED consume very little energy but give off powerful bright light reaching up to an amazing one lakh hours
Aside from its illuminating function this can also serve as a mobile phone charger as supported by its USB port and USB cable kit of 10 chargers for the most popular models of portable devices
However GD Lite Lighting Solar System is not only for emergencies but it can also be perfect for camping or outdoor activities Say goodbye to the dark times and harness the awesome power of the sun For other home and living essentials


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