Earldom ET-W17 | Hdmi to Usb 3.0


HDMI to USB 3.0 Converter is used to record images, take pictures, stream live from PC games, PS4 / 3 camera Xbox one / 360 Wii U camera, camcorder, video conferencing, HD DVR and medical device.

HDMI to USB Earldom W17 is compact, easy to use for laptop, PC, Macbook, phone.

Connects automatically, supports Windows XP, 7, 8, 10, Mac OS, Linux.

In full compliance with specialized programs, live broadcast programs, video calling programs.

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Helps connect the camera to the computer via the USB port to perform live streaming, computer recording, video conferencing.

Connects medical endoscopic machine, ultrasound to computer via USB port to record and take pictures for clinics, hospitals.

 Connect cameras, HDMI transmitters, android phones, iphone to your computer in live streaming on social networks like facebook, youtube.

Technical parameters

 Manufacturer: Earldom

Models: ET-W17

Material: Aluminum alloy R

Input resolution: Support up to 4K 60Hz

Output resolution: Maximum 1080P support

Video output modes: YUV, JPEG

Supported audio formats: L-PCM

Cable length up to 10M


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