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Drone GPS Folding Dron SH001 Hitorque


  • Gps folding dron
  • sh001
  • gps return home
  • point of interest
  • way point flow location
  • dual lens switch
  • active track
  • hand gesture
  • about 17 mins flight time


Quadrocopter FX9G, Which “crushed” its competitors on flight characteristics, becoming leaders in terms of opportunities in their price segment! Range of flight¬†FX-9G¬†Equal to 1000 meters when most analogs have a flight range of not more than 500 meters!

Quadcopter with a good camera, capable of recording video and photo in 4 K format!

The flight time is 22 minutes, when as the average flight time for such models is 9-14 minutes!

Quadcopter with GPS and GLONASS-you will always know its location and can return it to the place of takeoff at the touch of one button!

Has a number of intelligent modes, such as “Follow Me”, “flying through the points” and “flying in orbit”.

Automatic takeoff and landing on your team is possible!

Is able to record photos and videos on a memory card without losing quality.

Has an optical stabilization system based on the second camera from below-the system allows you to more accurately hang the device and resist the wind!

Drone folding-it is easy and convenient to take with you!

And all this is only part of the possibilities FX-9G 4K!!!!!