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Destroyer Computer casing Desktop DIY full-sided through RGB game water-cooled ATX large plate




Brand: EVESKY; Model: Destroyer; Material: steel and aluminum mixing; Color: new; After-sales service: shop three bags; Color Classification: Destroyer-Black Destroyer-White Destroyer-Black-3 15-light fans Destroyer–4 15-light fans Destroyer–5 15-light fans Destroyer–Six 15-light fans, Destroyer.-White———3 solar eclipse light fans Destroyer–4 solar eclipse lights fan destroyer–5 solar eclipse light fans Destroyer–6 solar eclipse lights fan destroyer———-3 colorful eclipse lights fan destroyer–4 colorful eclipse lights fan Destroyer–5 colorful eclipse lights fan Destroyer–6 colorful eclipse lights fan Destroyer——–6 color eclipse light fans; Chassis type: Desktop; Chassis structure: Micro ATX/ATX; Production enterprises: Guangzhou to trade Co., Ltd.; Power position: down; Release Time: 2020-06-14; Compatible with motherboard type: ATX standard type;