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BEAUTY BODY MOBILE GYM 6 PACK ultra light fitness belt

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  • EMS is a technology that uses electrical signals to stimulate and exercise muscles directly, unlike conventional exercises, in which we are the ones who have to stimulate them. EMS (muscular electrical stimulation).
  • It is very easy to hold, and is ready to work with a single touch. It is comfortable and wireless, without the use of annoying cables.
  • Get a stronger and more beautiful body.
  • The pad can be used for training the waist, arms and legs.
  • Forget about the gym and save yourself monthly payments, time and travel. Start enjoying the BEAUTY BODY MOBILE GYM 6 PACK EMS.


BEAUTY BODY MOBILE GYM 6 PACK EMS, ultra light, men and women, fitness belt, vibration pads for men and women, home training, flat stomach, muscle building, muscle electrical stimulation, body sculpting, abdominal trainer, remote control

It is designed for the training of different parts of the body.
It fits perfectly to the area of your body that you want to work more.
No matter the time or place, you can use it.
It is especially recommended for: Sports and fitness lovers, those who do not have time to go to the gym, lose weight faster, and more.

Frequency: 1-100hz
Modes of use: 6 modes
Working time: 12 minutes
Output: 9.8mA


THIS equipment should NOT be used in the following conditions, as it can cause accidents or malfunction of the machine, or bring serious damage to the body:
** Use the rhythm of the regulator, and in the internal transplant, write electronic instruments for medical use.
** Patients with epilepsy.
** Patients undergoing surgery recently.
** No must use this equi po while driving or working with a machine.
** Patients with some blood circulation disorder.
** Pregnant or postpartum women.
** Patients with cancer.
* * When the skin is not suitable for the use of hydrogel pads.
** In the area of ejection fraction.
** The equipment and the remote control can not be placed in the microwave, nor close of fire, can cause a malfunction of the machine.